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About Us - National Group of Companies
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About Us


Nagco Business Sectors are:


  • National General Trading Co.
  • National Petroleum Co.
  • National Electric Power Co.


National Group of Company was established in 1991 as a privately owned company. The company was a brain child of a young entrepreneur Mr. Mohamed Hussein Ahmed, the venture started out as a small fuel station at the centre of Hargeisa city. Due to the immense challenges in standard service provision to car owners and as an employment creation venture for the population, we thus came up with several ideas of which are still being upgraded on daily basis to meet our customers interest.

Since it is inception it has been operating in Somaliland and Somalia with excellent customer service, transparency, professionalism and accountability at all levels. Based on our belief that a customer deserves the best possible service.


The Company employs 120 workers with 42 workers being women based on gender quality policy ratio of 1:2 female to male, with top management comprised of CEO, Managing director, marketing manager, sales manager, accountant, purchasing logistics manager and auxiliary staff.
Our workers work as a team, offering quality service due to in house training program initiated by the management team as company employee skills upgrading system.​


Our dedication to excellence is reflected in high quality product and service standards that we have set meet and exceeded. We are top suppliers to many customers in different service and production industries and offer customized solutions to meet their individual needs.


Our Objectives


National Group of Companies, integral objectives:

· To offer the best, high standard, quality products and services available in the market

· To satisfy its customers with the best quality of products and services as a company goal and focus

· To synergize company resources in creative business solutions which contribute to quality and timely delivery service

· To create a good working environment for its workers focusing on quality and efficient work force


Focusing to expand its business on untapped market by innovative, well thought, strategized service delivery management

Our Vision


NAGC0 endeavors to become the number one supplier of top quality products and services with focus on prompt deliveries and personalized service. We aim to achieve this endeavor by anticipating and meeting requirements, while keeping pace with technological advancement, professional efficient work force, marketing research, changing customer behavior, analysis of economic activities and conforming to high quality business practice standards.

Our Strategy


We are focused to establish strong, long term relationships with our valued customers, while synergized to offer professional, impeccable, efficient, client focused, quality product and services.


NAGCO reputation for quality and standard product and services has attracted a number of clients across the region expanding to the Horn of Africa, mostly Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. Our aim is to add new marketing centers in the four countries and this will be determined by the in-depth market research and analysis on customers, market demand on products on the untapped market in the region.

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